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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manage yourself for competetions (think about these thoughts)

1. First of all have a positive attitude it pays and whatever you are thinking of doing do it now i mean start doing whatever you are planning to do or have planned to do so far.

2. Try and manage your stress levels , if stressed most easy part of your syllabus would seem hard and difficult to learn. So maintain your cool.

3. Do not panic if you failed once think about your mistakes, identify your weak link and start preparing again with only success in your mind. Remember that failure means delay not the defeat.

4. Never let yourself be stopped by the loss of one opportunity , think , discover another one and start working for it.

5. Organise yourself so that you can make best out of your limited time.

7. Last but not the least try being fair and genuine with your competitors.

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