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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Physics books for CSIR-NET/JRF and GATE

This is the list of few books recommended for those preparing for net/jrf in physics . It is hard for a person to collect these many books so i would advise you to go through these books while doing your masters in physics and make yourself appropriate notes for further reference and study.
Classical mechanics

1.      Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldstein
2.      Classical mechanics by Gupta and Kumar

Mathematical physics

1.      Mathematical Methods in Physical sciences by Mary L. Boas
2.      Mathematical Physics Including Classical Mechanics by Satya Prakash

  1. Introduction to electrodynamics by Griffith
  2. Classical electrodynamics by J.D. Jackson
  3. Feynman Lectures Vol. 2

Thermodynamics and statistical physics
  1. Statistical Physics Vol. 5, Berkeriey, Physics Courses.
  2. A Treatise on Heat-MN. Saha and B.N. Srivastava.
  3. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics by F. Reif.
  4. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics-Silokanathan and D.P. Khandelwal.
  5. Thermodynamics, Kinetic, Theory of gases and Statistical Mechanics-Sears.
 Quantum Mechanics
     1.      Introduction to quantum mechanics by D.J. Griffiths
  1. P.M. Methews and K. Venkatesan-A Textbook of Quantum Mechanics.
  2. A.K. Ghatak and S. Lokanathan-Quantum Mechanics (Third Edition).
  1. Ap. Malvino : Electronics Principles
  2. A.P. Malvino : Digital Computer Electronics
  3. Van Valcumgurg : Network Analysis
  4. J. Milliman and C.C. Halkias : Integrated Electronics
  5. G.K. Mithal : Integrated Electronics.
Nuclear and particle physics
  1. Nuclear Physics:Irving Kaplan
  2. Concepts of Nuclear Physics:B.L. Cohen
  3. Introduction Nuclear Physics:Kenneth S.Krane
Solid State physics
  1. Materials Science and Engineering by V.Raghvan, Prentice-Hall Edition 1993.
  2. Solid State Electronic Engineering Materials by S.O. Pillai, Wiley Eastern Ltd.
  3. Solid state Physics by C. Kittel V.Edition
  4. Introduction to Solid by L.Azroff.
  5. Solid state physics by N.W. Ascheroft and N.W. Ascheroft and N.D. Mermin CBS Publishing Asia Ltd.
Atomic and molecular physics
  1. G.Herzberg; "Atomic Spectra and atomic structure".
  2. H. Kuhn:"Atomic Spectra".
  3. Walker and Straugha, "spectroscopy, Vol. I, II, III."
  4. H. Herzberg; "Molecular Spectra and Molecular structure."
  5. H. Barrow: "Theory of Atomic Spectra."
  6. R.C. Johnson:"Introduction to Molecular Spectra."
  7. White;Atomic 'Spectra'.
  8. B.K.Agrawal:"X-ray Spectroscopy." 

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